In 1998, two established Home Inspectors from Long Island started a National Association of Home Inspectors to serve this region. The name Metropolitan Association of Home Inspectors was chosen, or MAHI as we are known.
Education of home inspectors is a major focus of our organization. One to two hour instructional seminars are offered at each meeting. The subjects covered include technical information and ways to improve and run your business.
MAHI was at the forefront when the licensing of home inspectors began to be discussed. One of our past presidents was instrumental in shaping the current Home Inspectors Licensing Laws by sitting on committees, and attending meetings at the Department of State in Albany
Currently our membership exceeds 40 paid members, which has put our organization in a strong financial position. This financial position allows us to make annual donations to NYSAHI (New York State Association of Home Inspectors), a state-wide organization that hires a lobbyist to represent home inspectors in Albany and Washington. 
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