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Please contact us directly to apply for membership. You may read about the benefits of membership below.

Benefits of MAHI Membership
NYS DOS has developed Standards of Practice and a Code of Ethics under Article 12-B Real Property Law. The Standards of practice is a minimum guideline for conducting a home inspection, and outlines the various components and procedures of a professional home inspection. The standards address the purpose, scope, and limitations of the inspection process. NYS DOS’s Code of Ethics promotes ethical and responsible behavior among members.
Educational Seminars
MAHI provides educational opportunities for its members. Meetings and seminars are conducted by industry professionals and give members an opportunity to learn more about the Home Inspection Industry.
Logo Usage
All MAHI members are provided with the MAHI logo and are allowed to use it immediately.

Immediate Voting Rights
MAHI is an Association of members. All members are given immediate voting rights. You, our member, elect the Board of Directors and make important decisions for the Association.

The MAHI Board of Directors and staff are here to assist you. If you still have questions or desire further information, please contact us.

Agreements & Other Documents

 The legal documents below were created through the compilation of many of our veteran members’ inspection agreements. Forms are provided in MS Word format for ease of use. Have your attorney review any of these forms you intend to use to make sure your specific interests are protected. These forms do get updated periodically, so check back sometimes to see if these forms are dated more recently than yours.

Generic Pre-Inspection Agreement November 2018.doc

Generic Multi-Unit Commercial Property Inspection Agreement rev11-18.doc

Generic Termite addendum rev 9-18.doc

Tools language.doc

Tools language rider for those who conduct inspections using high-tech tools such as moisture meters, infrared thermometers, and infrared cameras.

Generic Release.doc

This form should be filled out by clients who are making an initial claim. The purpose is for them to provide a written account of the issue so that it can be held against any changes in the story later on.

This document is a bit of case law provided by Ivan Kaplan from a case in which he was involved. This is a result of a vexatious appeal where the defendants (Kaplan, et. al.) again prevailed. If you are involved in a claim, show this to your attorney. It not only upholds our limit of liability but also allows for the defendants to recover defense costs. This alone could shut down many a frivolous claim when the plaintiff’s attorney reads it.

Report Writing for Liability Protection, by Jim Ruppert. Slide show from Jim’s presentation during the 2014 ASHI-MAHI Seminar.